• Maria_DiePirouette

3 things to consider before starting a business.

You only need to think about three things to start and have a business

I've been involved in many different projects and businesses from my own and other people as I've been a freelancer for 6 years.

I've realized we tend to focus our efforts on many important (but not always necessary) things while starting a business.

During these years of freelancing, I've read quite many business books from marketing to changing your mindset to have a better business, organizing a company to... a lot of business areas.

After some time thinking about it, I realized we can summarize what's a business in three points:

  1. Your product or service.

  2. The people who your product/service will help.

  3. The way you are communicating the benefits of your product to these people.

Easy right?

First of all, define what you're gonna do, your product. Think about what you're offering, why your product is different from other similar products, the benefits, characteristics...everything. Know your product better than you know yourself. Define it, think about the possibilities it offers, and be super creative on how you can use your product. Know more about your product than anyone else.

With your product in mind and having cristal clear what you wanna do, think about who can benefit from your product. The buyer persona is called in marketing this person. You can call him/her John, Catalina or Bubu if you want. Let's say it's called Bubu (I love this random name!). You can start thinking about:

  • Bubu's age and work.

  • Is Bubu buying for him/her, or is someone deciding what Bubu needs? (Maybe Bubu is a child or maybe a dog?)

  • Where Bubu buys.

  • How Bubu decides what to buy (what influences Bubu in its buy decision).

  • How much money does Bubu spend on new things.

After all this thinking, you will know much better Bubu's behavior. Also, you can improve your product to be what really Bubu needs.

The third step is letting your buyer persona (no more Bubu, or you're gonna hate that name and me) know that your product exists. Meaning to communicate that your product exists.

Having in mind the benefits of your product and how this person acts, buys, and lives, you can start planning where to promote your product. Social media, blogs, email, magazines, posters on the street, ads on websites, going to networking events, designer markets... there are a lot of possibilities.

I'd recommend you to do two or three things to begin the promotion. Then, with time, you can add some new possibilities.

Don't worry if you've to change the plan you create more than one time. Life changes, and your business should too.

Talk to your clients and ask how you can improve your services.

Be creative and enjoy the process of always looking for new possibilities.

If you need me, here I am. Let's talk about communication and fantastic projects.