• Maria_DiePirouette

Keep it short.

Let's say someone asks you what you make for a living.

Could you tell her what do you do without thinking about what you want to say?

Would this presentation of your business be professional and charming?

You probably have a very well crafted presentation about your business.

Keep it short. And say it confident.

Don't mumble.

Be proud of what you do and what you've created.

Don't say too much but don't forget something important.

If you have a business card with you, don't forget to give it. Paper is not dead.

If you think the other person is interested (or could be in the future) on what you do, ask her for her contact. It's always to keep in touch with people that show interest.

And if you have fun while doing this presentation, it'd be awesome.

If you need me, here I am. Let's talk about communication and fantastic projects.