• Maria_DiePirouette

I need more followers

I want more followers on Instagram. Or even I need more followers on Instagram.

This is one of the things I've heard most about during my years of entrepreneurship.

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner and you have an Instagram account, you probably heard about the importance of having (a lot of) followers on Instagram.

I'm amazed at how many challenges, courses, workshops... there are out there for learning how to get 10000 followers in a month on Instagram.

But WHY do you want more followers? What for?

It seems to me that it is kind of having to have. Kinda "the more, the better."

If you have a why go for it. Maybe you are thinking: having more followers means more people like what I do, and I'll sell more of my products.

That's possible, but not sure. I know people with a lot of followers that don't make a living of their followers. I know people with 300 followers that have successful businesses.

If you have 80 followers and are not buying from you, why do you think a million followers would buy your product?

Have a plan to convert your followers into customers.

Create meaningful relationships with them. Give them the best content you can and offer an excellent product or service that when they test it, they have to recommend it to others because it's so good that they want everyone to try it.

Talk to them not as followers, but as persons. Because


Treat them the way you like to be treated.

Imagine if your "just" 80 followers appear in an event you organized. It's not just 80 anymore, it's a lot of people hearing about what you have to say.

Enjoy the quality, not the quantity.

If you need me, here I am. Let's talk about communication and fantastic projects.