• Maria_DiePirouette

New year, new projects, new investments

This time of the year invites us entrepreneur and small business owners, to think about new projects, that usually implies investments – in branding/rebranding, website, communication...

Today I want to give you some advice based on my own experience as a freelancer and as a customer of this kind of service.

I deal with many emails asking about how much it costs a website, a branding, to work with a community manager... and you know what? IT DEPENDS!

It depends on what you need, what you want to achieve with this service, how long it takes to finish the work and many other factors.

In this post, I would like to let you know what you should do before contacting a professional. These points will give you clarity and certainty that the person you're writing to will understand what you want and need.

So, let's see what's essential before investing:

  • YOUR PURPOSE - Think about what you need and why you need it.

If you need a blog, you just need a blog.

If you need an e-commerce for selling 80 different products, you need an e-commerce

with specific characteristics.

And if you want a logotype, you don't need 100 other things.

But you have to be sure about what you need.

  • YOUR GOAL - Imagine how this change/investment will affect your business.

Is your new branding going to attract wealthier clients?

Is your e-commerce going to sell better than your older one?

Have a goal for your investment.

You have to get back your money (it's not spending, it's investing).

  • YOUR BUDGET - Decide how much you want to spend.

That's one of the most important things ever: you have to assign a budget for every project you want. Your budget decides what could be done and what is impossible to make. It's better to say how much you can invest straight away than lose both your time and the time of the person you contact.

  • INSPIRATION - Research what you like and what you don't like.

Look for inspiration, what feels like you, what doesn't.

Sometimes you like many different styles, but not all styles would align with your project.

  • BRIEF - Make a board with all the ideas you collect and write ideas beside each picture.

After you decide what you like, make comments about why you like it and how this idea would fit in your project. This step gives you clarity and allows the people you work with to understand what you have in mind.

  • Contact a professional to make your vision possible – done!

Contact first with the person you like the most and if you can't pay her rates, contact with others you also like. Sooner than later, you'll be starting to make real what you have in your head.

I hope that was useful for you. It took me some years to get this approach for working with someone; that's why I wanted to share with you now, to save you that time! See you in January 2021. I wish you a happy holiday and a lot of peaceful time. Hugs, María