• Maria_DiePirouette

Your success is our success.

Hello! We are a communication agency for entrepreneurs and small businesses based in Berlin. The non-formal presentation would be: hi, I'm Maria, and I work with some great creative professionals to help your business success by helping you communicate how your product or service can change your clients' life. I'm gonna talk in plural here, but I'm the one behind the communication channels of diePirouette.

We want to let the right people know your business and understand how your product or service can change their lives.

Your success is our success.

We enjoy seeing how brands grow on the internet and offline.

Now, let's be specific about what we do!

- Manage your social media channels, community manager.

- Help you plan the best content for your social media, blog, and newsletter, content strategist.

- Work with you to create the content you wanna post.

- Improve your image by working in your branding.

- Help you with offline communication.

We work person to person. We don't consider ourselves a B2B (business to business) agency because we want to work personally.

Our four pillars are:

- Background: we work respecting what you've already have done. It's essential to look at the future respecting our past.

- We make a plan considering your needs. Not the trends, not our needs, not the consumer needs. Just YOUR needs.

- We love networks. So we are using ours to help your business.

- Internet and being online is important. But we also value the offline world and the lively city we're living in. Let's make a strategy to be here offline and around the world online.

And that's it. We want you to have fun communicating what you do and why you do it. We help your brand grow and let you focus on what is important for you: create a great product and give fantastic service to your clients.

If you need us, let's talk. We keep in touch.